Database virtualization meta scanner

Tired of spending hours for documenting virtual VIEW layers in databases?

Scan your databases and visualize cascading virtual layers for reverse engineering, impact analysis and documentation - within minutes!

Build for Data Engineers, Business Intelligence Engineers, Big Data Professionals and all other database managers!

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Analyze your database

With Bartholomeus you don't need to spend hours re-drawing dependency charts in other tools. Simply point to you database, scrape, done. Visualize different datasets in one chart together in the way you need it.

Securely provide access

Bartholomeus only queries meta data. It even checks with a one row SELECT if the rights are correctly restricted to meta data only. If not, it will stop accessing your database until the correct user rights have been set.

Easy integration into your tools

We provide a simple link so that the resulting graphs can be published for embedding into your companys wiki - for example Confluence. Also: Export to SVG, PNG and PDF.

What does it work with?

More to come...

Save money and time generating documentation

No more stale documentation! Create dependency graphs for legacy databases or after a new iteration within moments! Conduct impact analysis when changing data workstreams.

Watch on every device

Analyze databases while being mobile. Bartholomeus is constructed in a mobile-friendly way.

See data lineage instantly

Make sure to understand several processing steps, especially in big environments for e.g. complex software or Big Data projects

Who is this for?

Big Data Engineers
Check correctly cascading virtual layers.
Data Scientists
Analyze the hierarchy within production systems.
Database Architects
Analyze and document existing databaseses as well as create strong virtual structures.
Data Warehouse Designers
Design efficient data warehouse structures within your database.
Documentation Designers
Visualizations are easly embeddable in Wikis or Confluence.